Broken Promises: Medicare Advantage Cuts

President Obama promised seniors that they could keep their doctor, their health plan, and their Medicare wouldn’t be touched. Yet for nearly one in three of America’s seniors that simply isn’t true. For 2014, the Obama Administration cut Medicare Advantage payments 6%, and now another 3% cut is expected for next year.

Learn How Much Seniors’ Health Care In Your District Has Been Cut
What do these cuts mean for the 16 million seniors who rely on Medicare Advantage? They could lose their doctor. They will pay more. And they will have fewer benefits. Don’t let President Obama keep cutting our Medicare. Tell Congress to fight President Obama’s Medicare Advantage cuts.

Medicare Advantage Cuts Will
Hurt Seniors

Medicare Advantage Cuts Will Raise Premiums

Medicare Advantage Cuts Will Diminish Coverage for Beneficiaries

Medicare Advantage Cuts Will Narrow Provider Networks